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FAST Card Program Requirements


Applying for a FAST Card has never been easier. Complicated government forms and online registration need no longer stop you from applying for your FAST Card. Immigration Passport Visa Service take the time and hassle out of applying for a FAST Card. Our simplified application form means that you don’t have to spend hours interpreting government jargon – especially good if you are applying for FAST cards for several company employees. Download the FAST application form and pay the IPVS service fee visa PayPal then email it to us at or fax it to 1-206-666-3220

In order to qualify for your FAST card you must attend a 30 minute interview with US and Canadian border officials at one of the interview centers located across both countries. IPVS send you an email with instructions on how to schedule your FAST card appointment or you can email us back with preferred dates and times and we schedule the interview for you. You have 180 days to do this.  If you fail to book an appointment in this time you will be denied access to the FAST pass program and will have to pay new enrollment fees should you decide to join FAST card again.


Inaccurate or incomplete FAST pass application forms are automatically denied access to the FAST Card program

Qualifying for FAST Card

FAST card is given to low risk truck drivers whose personal data and driving record has been subject to numerous checks by both US and Canada border officials and law enforcement agencies. You will be denied access to the FAST pass program any of the following apply to you:

Your application form contains incomplete or false information
If you have a criminal record or outstanding charges no matter how long ago your conviction occurred.
If you are subject to a law enforcement investigation.
If you have any convictions with the US or Canadian military.
If you have any immigration violations or you are considered inadmissible to the US (US waivers and Canadian pardons are taken 
into consideration for this program)
If you have violated customs and border regulations


If your case was dismissed you must provide certified court records to be considered for the FAST pass program.

Benefits of the FAST Pass

The benefits of the FAST Pass are as follows:

Faster border crossing times even at peak periods
Dedicated FAST lanes to expedite travel and save long queue times
Faster border inspection time
Speedy delivery of goods to their destination
Companies who employ FAST pass drivers are commercially more successful
FAST card truckers have a greater chance of employment

How FAST Card Transmits Data

FAST card transmits personal data about the card holder in the following way: When you join the FAST card lane at the US Canada border your RFID FAST card transmits a signal with your personal FAST card ID number.  Your FAST data appears on the border official’s computer screen. It is cross checked with law enforcement databases in Canada and the US as well as with license plate readers. The customs and border patrol guard verifies FAST pass data when you arrive at the FAST lane inspection point. As a low risk traveler your personal information is held on the Customs and Border Patrol computer and not directly on your FAST card.

FAST Interview Process

The FAST interview is held at one of the border crossing points or dedicated FAST enrollment centers. The object is to explain the rules of the FAST program to you and take your fingerprints and a photograph. You must take the original ID documents submitted with your application – these will all be verified against your application. IPVS will instruct you on what to take.

You will need to provide:

your US citizenship or legal immigration status
a valid commercial driver’s license from the US state where you live
Details of your employment or your financial support. (e.g. your recent tax return, a salary slip or if you are self employed your
Business license, tax information and bank statements)
Proof of your address e.g. a mortgage statement, ownership deeds or a rent receipt.


You will be informed at your FAST interview whether or not you have been accepted into the FAST card program. Your fingerprints will be taken digitally – this is an ink free process. Your photograph will be taken for your FAST card and the border officials will explain the program and answer any of your questions. Your FAST card will be sent to you shortly after the interview.

Immigration Passport Visa Service does not guarantee approval for any Trusted Traveler program. Inaccurate or incomplete FAST pass application forms are automatically denied access to the FAST cards program.